In September of 1996, I began to volunteer with the USGenWeb Project. For a long period of time I was the County Coordinator for many WV counties. In 2004 I relinquished the counties of Brooke, Hancock and Ritchie in order to fulfill other obligations in my life. During the years that I worked with WVGenWeb, I spent many hours at the courthouse, at the libraries, at the local cemeteries and reading microfilm in order to be able to upload information onto the county websites that would be useful to those who could not visit the area in person to do their research.

Many of the things you will find among the files at Genealogy Pit Stop are things that I compiled while a volunteer at WVGenWeb. Other things you will find are projects that were completed between 2005 and present. Cookie, Ginny and I spent many hours in the cemeteries trying to get accurate digital records. The cemetery database that is located at Genealogy Pit Stop is also housed at Carnegie Library in East Liverpool, Ohio. The only difference is that ours has been updated and had more notations added. This information was compiled by a local couple who loved preserving and sharing information with everyone they met.

There are many volunteers behind these pages. Many hours go into the research or the gathering of data that is shared here. We are grateful to all of those who have donated hours, resources or knowledge to make this dream come to life.
The words “Thank You” seem so small for all they have done.

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