Dryer, Crist 1911

Obituary – Crist Dryer
East Liverpool Tribune

Crist Dryer Grows Despondent and Almost Blows Head Off
Caused Rash Act-Tragedy Took Place Early Friday Afternoon

Despondent because of a lack of funds and inability to secure what money was coming to him, Crist Dryer, aged 60, and for many years a resident of North Georgetown, turned a double barrel shotgun on himself yesterday afternoon (April 21, 1911) at 2 o’clock and almost completely blew off his head.

The suicide occurred in Dryer’s room a the home of C. R. Oesch, a wealthy farmer residing two miles north from North Georgetown, with whom Dryer had been working for the last several months. Dryer was of German descent and had worried because of his advance age, coupled with a feebleness which rendered him incapable of working at times.

He seemed in good spirits yesterday afternoon. Shortly after 1 0’clock he went upstairs to his room and a few minutes later members of the family were astounded by a terrible repord. Hastening upstairs they found Dryer lying across the bed with his head nearly blown off. He had bent his head over the pulled the trigger. Dryer was single.