Louthan, James Marion

Obituary – James Marion Louthan
East Liverpool Tribune


Rogers, O., September 16-James M. Louthan, a well known resident of Rogers, Ohio, was buried today at Clarkson Cemetery. Mr. Louthan was born and spent his entire life in Columbiana county, and was well and favorably known throughout eastern Ohio. He was the son of Moses and Elecia Louthan, and with his father enlisted and served in Company C, 104th regiment, Ohio Volunteers, throughout the entire Civil war, and upon his return, purchased and lived upon a farm near Clarkson, O., until after the death of his wife, which occurred on February 24, 1905. He then disposed of his farm, and went to live with his son, Dr. E. C. Louthan, then residing in Clarkson, O., and removed with him to Rogers, O., some years since.

Mr. Louthan had been prominent in county and township affairs for several years, having served a number of years as trustee of Middleton township. He was a member of Clarkson Presbyterian church, and took an active part in the church work, and at the time of his death, was a member of the same.

Mr. Louthan has, for a number of years, been afflicted with paralysis agitans, or shaking palsy, resulting from rheumatism or sciatica, contracted while in the army. His disease which is a well known chronic disease, frequently afflicting people of advanced age, has been constantly growing worse with the passing years. Although Dr. Louthan has given his father every attention of a loving son and physician, supplemented by the best medical advice in the country, the nature of his disease was such that nothing could be done toward a permanent cure.

On Thursday morning, Mrs. Louthan, arising at the usual time and going to the barn to attend to the milking and feeding, as was her custom when her husband was away from home, he having been called away the evening previous to attend a patient at Sprucevale, and not having retuned a the usual milking time, upon going to the upper part of the barn to secure hay for the stock, found her father-in-law hanging from a beam across the barn floor. She hastily summoned the nearest neighbors, and notified her husband by telephone, Dr. Louthan returned with all haste; but his father had been dead for some hours and nothing could be done. All his relatives were immediately notified, and his sons Charles W., residing at Ben Avon, Pennsylvania, and Harry M., of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, who are in the employ of the Pennsylvania railroad company, came as quickly as possible.

Mr. Louthan was in comfortable circumstances, and surrounded by the most loving care and attention of his sons and their families, and enjoyed the respect of the entire community, and no reason can be assigned for his suicide, except his despondency indicent to his ill health, and growing senility.