Riley, Sarah 1903

Obituary – Mrs. Sarah Riley
East Liverpool Tribune

Had Been a Resident of This Section Half a Century

Mrs. Sarah Riley, relict of the late Enoch Riley, aged 74, died at the home of her son, W. H. Riley on Fairview road, Chester, at 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon (November 29, 1903). For three years she has been an almost helpless invalid. Her condition changed for the worse about three months ago, and since then she had gradually grown weaker, rallying at times only to experience a relapse shortly afterward. About ten days ago it became apparent to those attending her that the moment of dissolution was near at hand. Death came, therefore, not unexpectedly, at the hour above stated.

The deceased was known and beloved by hundreds of people in this section of the country. In her were combined to a rare degree all those traits which characterize true womanhood. A pleasant neighbor, a kind and indulgent mother, she endeared herself to all with whom she came in close contact.

The Riley family are pioneer East Liverpool potters. Mr. Enoch Riley and all his sons were employed for many consecutive years at the old Rockingham and yellow ware pottery of George S. Harker & Co. There always existed the warmest friendship between Mr. Riley and his ole employers, Messrs. George S. and Benjamin Harker and the Hon. David Boyce, who was so many years connected with the old Etruria pottery. Fellowship of the warmest type was a marked feature of the home of Mr. and Mrs. Riley. It was their delight to entertain. No one who has shard their hospitality can ever forget the grand Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners that Mrs. Riley always prepared. It was in her home life where Mrs. Riley was best known, as a royal hostess, a good wife and a most kind and loving mother.

It was about 50 years ago when Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Riley came here from England. Ten years later they bought what is known and the Riley farm which lies just back of Chester. Here they spent the major portion of their life. In 1901 Mr. Riley died, after which Mrs. Riley lived with her children. Three years ago while at the home of her son, the late Edward Riley of East End, she was taken ill and removed at once to the home of Mr. Henry Riley, another son, who lives on Fairview road in the lower end of Chester. From that day until the time of her death she had been an invalid, unable to leave her room most of the time. Though cared for most attentively by loving and skillful hands she never rallied to any great extent. Recently she suffered much from rheumatism which with blood poisoning developing there from, resulted in her death.

She is survived by W. H. Riley and Mrs. Mary Allison of Chester; Fred J. Riley of East End; Daniel Riley, Shelton, Nebraska; besides many grandchildren and other relatives.

The funeral services will be held at the home of W. H. Riley at 2 o’clock tomorrow afternoon. Rev. Blackmore, pastor of the M. E. church, will officiate. Interment at Riverview cemetery.