SEPT. 1919

A message received yesterday from the officials of the Cincinnati General hospital, Cincinnati, O., announcing the death of JAMES ELMER WYCOFF, age 51, was the first word Anthony Wycoff, New Cumberland, had received from his nephew in 16 years.
Although he inserted advertisements in newspapers throughout the country and made inquiries through the police of practically every city in the United States, Anthony Wycoff was unable to obtain any inkling as to the whereabout of James E. Wycoff, until the announcement of his death was received yesterday.
The telegram contained only an announcement of James Wycoff’s death, details surrounding his demise being eliminated. Mr. Wycoff inndeiately notified the hospital suthorities to send the remains to New Cumberland, where funeral services will be held upon their arrival.
James Wycoff was well known in Hancock county, having formerly conducted a grocery store in Ridge avenue, New Cumberland. He also taught school in the New Cumberland distict. With the exception of Anthony Wycoff the deceased hs no living relatives.