Letter to C. T. Larkind Drug Store about Nerv-Worth ~ Monday, May 13, 1918

East Liverpool Evening Review
Monday, May 13, 1918
Page 3

Acme Fire Clay Man Had Happy Experience With Nerv-Worth.

This is one of those stirring local and neighborhood Nerv-Worth statements which are sending the sale of the tonic to higher levels weekly at the C. T. Larkins’ Drug Store.

Nerv-Worth Co.: I wish to express my gratefulness to you for the relief and rest I am enjoying. I was troubled with a badly run-down system, was very nervous and suffering much at nights, being very restless. I am employed as an Engineer at the Acme Fire Clay works in New Cumberland and my work is not hard, but have worked very little during the past six months, although I really was not able to work at all. I can truly say that Nerv-Worth has benefited me wonderfully, as I am stronger, not so nervous and much quieter at nights, although somewhat restless yet. I have enough confidence in Nerv-Worth to think that it will eventually, that I am going to purchase another bottle and continue taking it. I might also add I tired very easily, but now work all day AND DON’T FEEL TIRED IN THE LEAST. I have taken three bottles and am going to continue with another.

I first saw it advertised and wrote C. T. Larkins, the druggist, to mail me a bottle, and am very glad I ran onto it as it has benefited me so much.

Yours truly,
W. H. Jackson

Contributed by Jackson Edward Wilson