Newell Gets Shipment of Relief Cloth ~ December 8, 1932

East Liverpool Review
Thursday, December 8, 1932
Page 8


Parent-Teacher Unit Will Sponsor Sewing.

A meeting of the executive committee of the Newell Parent-Teacher Association was held Wednesday night at the home of Mrs. J. Guy Pittenger in Washington street to complete plans for sewing garments for the needy of the Newell district, following the receipt of a large shipment of Red Cross cloth.

Mrs. L. E. March was named chairman of the committee in charge of the work. She will name subchairman from each church and civic organization in Newell today, who will meet at her home in Grant street Friday to organize and plan the work.

F. B. Lawrence, general chairman of the Red Cross in Newell, offered the use of the offices of the North American Manufacturing company room at Fifth and Washington streets as a headquarters, to be used during the evening. The office will probably be used temporarily until a permanent headquarters be obtained, members of the committee said.

Sewing of the garments is expected to be started Friday or Saturday, with distribution being made as soon as possible. The Parent-Teacher association will be assisted in the work by members of the Newell Child Health Study club. Mrs. Pittenger is president of the former, and Mrs. H. R. Burson heads the club.
Contributed by Jackson Edward Wilson