Womans Suffrage is Badly Beaten ~ Monday, December 18, 1916

East Liverpool Evening Review
Monday, December 18, 1916
Page 6


Hancock and Brooke counties were the only two counties in the state of West Virginia, that voted in favor of the Woman suffrage amendment introduced at the recent presidential election.

The amendment lost by a majority of less than 100,000 votes. Tabulated tables made in the office of the governor and secretary of state from official reports certified by the board of canvassers throughout the state, show that there were 161,607 votes cast against the amendment while 68,540 votes for its ratification. The majority against it was 98,067, the most decisive vote ever cast on any question in West Virginia. In Hancock county the vote was 906 for, and 608 against, and in Brooke county was, 1, 041 for, and 907 against.

Contributed by Jackson Edward Wilson