Snow Drift – January 12, 1884 Saturday Review

Snow Drift

Make the record at twenty-two inches. Most of the measurements made it deeper than that.

The trains which left here Tuesday were double and treble headers, and some of them, even with three engines, could hardly be moved.

On Wednesday it was reported that the snow on the Calcutta road, near the new cemetery, was drifted a depth of about five feet.

The storm came near bringing about a produce famine in the city.

The trains were all delayed from one-and-a-half to four hours.

Snow scoops and shovels were in demand and were used with effect.

Three men were killed and four badly injured in a cut on the Pennsylvania R. R., near Brinton station, a short distance east of Pittsburgh Wednesday evening. They were shoveling snow off the track and did not see or hear the train until it swooped down upon them.

The Saturday Review
Vol 5 No 13
January 12, 1884