Abrams, Mrs. Eliza 1905

Obituary – Mrs. Eliza Abrams
East Liverpool Tribune


While seated at the supper table at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Kinney, who live on Calcutta road, near Dead Man’s lane, Mrs. Eliza Abrams, aged 63, of Orchard Grove avenue, North side, dell dead from her chair from the effects of an attack of apoplexy. (September 20, 1905)

Mrs. Abrams had been spending the day at the Kinney home as the guest of the family and was in a very cheerful mood up until a few minutes before the end came, and was apparently in very good health. The family had just seated themselves about the table to partake of the evening repast, when the tragedy occurred which plunged the little group into deepest sadness. The body was allowed to remain at the Kinney home overnight, but will be removed this morning to the home of the daughter, Mrs. G. F. Purinton, of Orchard Grove avenue, with whom the deceased had lived since the death of her husband.

Mrs. Abrams died with out a word escaping her lips. A few moments before death came she was chatting in a pleasant manner with those about her, and the end though sudden was peaceful. Dr. Lemmon was summoned, but the woman was past all human aid when he arrived. He said that death had probably come a few seconds after she had fallen to the floor, and gave apoplexy as the cause.

Mrs. Abrams had made her home in this city for a number of years and was well known and very highly respected. She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. C. F. Purinton, city and Mrs. Anna F. Moore, of Calcutta, also by three brothers and two sisters, who live out of the city.