Louthan, J. M. 1911

Obituary – J. M. Louthan
East Liverpool Tribune

Despondent Over Ill Health Rogers Farmer Suicides.
Arises From Bed During Early Hour in the Morning.

Lisbon, Sept. 14,–The residents of Rogers were shocked Thursday morning (September 14, 1911) when it became known that J. M. Louthan, one of the best known residents of that vicinity and member of the Columbiana county fair board for may years, had ended his life by hanging. Since the death of his wife five years ago, Mr. Louthan has made his home among his children, spending the most of his time with his son, Dr. E. C. Louthan at Rogers. For several months past he has not been in the best of health, but has always seemed to be in good spirits. He was in his usual health Wednesday and up to the time of retiring at 10 o’clock he conversed freely with Mrs. Louthan, his conversation being such as would lead one to think that suicide was far from his mind.

It was past one o’clock when he arose from his bed and left the house, telling Mrs. Louthan, who was alone as Dr. Louthan had gone out to visit a patient, to leave the lamp burn until his return. Following his departure Mrs. Louthan fell asleep and did not again awake until Thursday morning. When she arose she noticed that Mr. Louthan’s room door was open, but thinking he had failed to close it upon his return to his room in the night, went about her duties.

About six o’clock she went to the barn to feed the horses in the absence of Dr. Louthan, and it was when she was ascending the stairs to procure some feed that she saw the lifeless form of her father-in-law hanging from a rafter. He had evidently left his room with intent to commit the deed, and he had no doubt been dead for hours before the body was discovered. The deceased had been suffering with paralysis agitans, which is a species of palsy. The disease has a tendency to weaken the nerves of the body and it is thought that the mind of the deceased was somewhat affected on account of this trouble.

The deceased was born on a farm near Clarkson on April 11, 1841, and was a son of Moses Louthan and wife, one-time residents of that vicinity. The deceased had always been a resident of this county and no man was more highly respected. He was a soldier of the Civil war, being a member of the 104th O. V. I., and was a member of Tullis Post, G. A. R., at Rogers. He is survived by three sons, Dr. E. C. Louthan, of Rogers, Harry, of Beaver Falls, Pa., and Charles of Pittsburg. No funeral arrangements have as yet been made.