O’Shea, John P. 1911

Obituary – John P. O’Shea
East Liverpool Tribune

As a result of blood poisoning developing from the opening of a blood blister on the forefinger of his right hand with a penknife, John P. O’Shea, aged 27 years, son of Mr and Mrs. John O’Shea, of West Fourth street, died at the City hospital at 2:30 o’clock yesterday morning (August 10, 1911), after blood poisoning set in, for six days he hovered between life and death. His system gradually weakened, however, and with typhoid symptoms as a complication, the end came peacefully yesterday morning.

The death is a sad one, bringing in its wake a double sorrow, for aside from the family, a bride-to-be mourns his sudden departure. It is said that Mr. O’Shea was to have been united in marriage with a prominent local girl, some time next month.

It was while at Rock Point park, where he accepted employment last June under William Hocking of the Rocks Springs park company, that Mr. O’Shea suffered an insect bite or injury to his finger, which at the time he thought nothing of. It continued to grow worse, however, and festering, the young man opened it with a penknife. The finger began to swell and, becoming alarmed, Mr. O’Shea consulted a physician at Elwood City, near Rock Point park, who gave him little relief. Becoming alarmed, he returned to his home here, consulting a local physician, who lanced the finger. Noting his serious condition, he was removed to the City hospital, where he was given all possible medical attention. Since Sunday night there had been but little hope for his recovery. Suffering a relapse, Wednesday evening at 6 o’clock he never rallied.

Perhaps there was no young man in the city, more familiarly known than Mr. O’Shea. Always of a bright and cheery disposition he was liked by everyone. Born here November 28, 1884, he has been a lifelong resident of this city.

He was a prominent member of the T. M. A. an association organization.

For several years he was connected with the old Grand opera house and later the Ceramic theatre. Since the opening of the American theatre he had held the position of stage manager there. During the summer months he was an employee of the Rock Springs company. In the forepart of this season he worked at that resort, but receiving an offer from Mr. Hocking to go to the Rock Point park he accepted it.

In religious life he was a faithful and devout member of the St. Aloysius Catholic church.

Surviving him are his parents and the following brothers and sisters; Michael of this city; Frank, of New York, and Ralph, Edward, Irene, Ruth, Helen and Mary at home.

Funeral services over the remains will be held from the St. Aloysius church at 9 o’clock Saturday morning Rev. Father D. F. O’Shea, formerly of this city but now of Canton, and an uncle of the deceased, will officiate. Interment will be made in the St. Aloysius cemetery.