Savage, Mrs. Jane 1901

Memoir Mrs. Jane Savage
East Liverpool Tribune

Mrs. Jane Savage, third daughter of Thomas and Isabella Johnson, was born March 14, 1830, and died in East Liverpool, Ohio, August 31, 1901. Her parents were well known in the early days of Methodism. They moved from England to Glasgow, where her father was the first to found a Methodist society at Preston Pans. Thence they moved to Ireland, where the influence of the family for the Methodist cause became very large. Her home in Ireland was a favorite resting place for the early Methodist preachers. Such men as Jabez Bunting and William Riley were entertained there. Her early youth was spent along the Clyde, of which she had many interesting memories that she was fond of relating. December 24th, 1953, she was married in England to William Savage. To them were born eight children, four of whom died before they removed to this country. Three of the other four, all sons, live in Salineville, and one, Arthur, in East Liverpool. For several years prior to her death, Mrs. Savage was a sufferer. The closing weeks of her life were weeks of great bodily pain, but she bore it with such Christian fortitude and submission to the Divine will as are possible only to a long life of close fellowship with the Lord. On the morning of August 16th her suffering was so great that she prayed, “Lord, shorten the work,” and then said to the members of her family, “Will you not all pray that He will shorten the work?” August 17 she quoted the lines:

“In age and feebleness extreme,
Who shall a helpless worm redeem?
Jesus, my only hope thou art.
Strength of my failing flesh and heart,
O, could I catch one smile from thee,
And drop into eternity!”

Later in the day she said, “I want to go home.”

In the forenoon of August 19, she waved her hand and said, “Oh, I see them on the other side; I see a goodly company.” When told that her loved ones wanted her here a little longer, she replied, “Oh, do not h ld me back. I want to go home. I am conscious of all my dear friends, but I am longing to go. Later in the morning she said that God had heard her prayer and relieved her pain. Tuesday, one of her sons told her that he was glad to see her faith was so beautiful and strong, and she answered, “Christ is all in all.”

As a son hummed, “Let me love thee more and more, she interrupted him, saying “That’s it, that’s it,” and repeated the lines. In the evening she whispered, “I want rest: I am craving for rest.” The next day she exclaimed, “Oh, to be taken to heaven! What a joy it will be, what a joy it will be! Rejoice when I am gone.” Later, “Oh, yes, it’s coming nearer, nearer, nearer.”

Sweetly and peacefully she passed to the heavenly home on the morning of August 31. Her husband, a blessed man of God, her four sons and seven grandchildren have the sympathy and prayers of a large circle of friends in their sorrow.