Staley, Dorothy 1911

Obituary – Dorothy Staley
East Liverpool Tribune

Four-Year-Old Daughter of Mail Carrier Staley is Victim

The real brotherhood of man and a profound sense of logical reasoning was never better exemplified than by a touching and most pathetic incident that occurred Saturday afternoon (March 11, 1911) immediately following the deplorable street railway accident that crushed out the life of little Dorothy Staley, aged 4, daughter of Mail Carrier Harry Staley, Andrews avenue and Holiday street, East End.

Almost frantic with grief, the distressed father met Motorman Winfred Hall immediately after the accident. Quickly realizing that the Motorman was blameless, Staley reached out and took hall by the hand. Both men had tears in their eyes, as Staley in a choking voice said: “I know you didn’t mean to do it. You couldn’t have helped it.”

Little Dorothy, accompanied by Martha, her little five-year-old sister, had gone to the Green Grocery. Returning, Dorothy stood on the westbound track as the car approached.

Then suddenly becoming confused the little tot ran onto the eastbound track directly in front of the car. Motorman Hall was unable to reverse the power in time to prevent the fatality. The little child was knocked down and dragged under the car. When taken out it was found that her head and face were cut badly, death resulting from these injuries.

John Staley, the little child’s grandfather, carried the prostrate form into the Green grocery. Dr. O. M. Hendershot was called but death had been almost instantaneous. Both Motorman Windfield Hall and Conductor Ferguson were entirely blameless in the affair, the accident coming under the head of those unfortunate occurrences that are practically unavoidable.

The funeral of little Dorothy May will be held this morning at 10 o’clock.