Williams, Dr. L. O. 1900

Obituary – Dr. L. O. Williams

The East Liverpool Tribune
While on the Witness Stand Under Cross-Examination, Tuesday.

On Tuesday afternoon while under cross-examination in the court of Squire Rose, in his suit for professional services against Maggie McDole, Dr. Williams suddenly dropped dead into his chair.

The doctor had for years been subject to heart trouble, and on another similar occasion had a close escape from death, as he was a man who never outwardly displayed excitement, though a torrent might be stirring within his breast. At the time of the sad occurrence he was very much annoyed by the tactics in cross-examination by the opposing attorney. Dr. L. O. Williams was born on a Madison township farm, August 8, 1844. He was a graduate of Mt. Union and Ann Arbor colleges. In 1879 he wedded Miss Laura Pritchard, of West Point, from which notion sprung four children: Raymond, William, Harold and Mary, who still live. Three brothers and three sisters of the deceased are living: John Y., and Jesse Williams, of Alliance, Ohio; Jason Williams, of Lineville, Mo.; Mrs. G. W. Henry of Alliance; Mrs. Alvira Taylor, of Tnsenlum, Tenn., and Mrs. Firman S. Albright, of this city.

Deceased was a member of the Board of Education and the East Liverpool Medical Association, and was most highly respected by the entire community.

The medical men attended the funeral in a body. The services were held at the late him, Thursday afternoon, interment at Lisbon, Friday.

(Date of Death June 5, 1900)