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We at Genealogy Pit Stop would like to thank:

    • the Arner Family for so graciously sharing their records with us and with the genealogical community at large
  • Douglas Lyon for allowing missing dates to be filled in using his compiled records. (Hookstown)
  • David Ash and Dennis Goddard for so generously sharing their family information
  • Susan Badgely for sharing her photos
  • Judith Mercer Tauber-Lovik for sharing The Nessly Centennial
  • Opal Finney for contacting local residents and authors for permission to use their photos and published works online
  • the visitors who contribute to the online resources
  • and each of you who provide constant motivation.

~~This site is constantly under construction.   Many thanks to Roxie Harsha, Cookie Sisco, Opal Finney, Ginny Plumley, Jackie Plumley, Victoria Plumley, Diana, Lynn, Dianna W., Andre Easton, Kathryn Hunt, Matt Detchon, Harry Forrester, Teresa Plumley, Susan Frazier and Erin for their countless hours of extracting, scanning and typing to make this site possible. Suggestions and contributions are always welcome.

Please Read ~ Disclaimer: ~~The files contained on these web pages have been placed here with full permission of the people who compiled these transcriptions. All records within these web pages were compiled from public records by our volunteers, or contributors over a period of years. The material contributed here remains the property of those who contributed it. Permission has not been given to individuals nor organizatons for that material to be included in publications or online collections for profit or for sale.  


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